Amazon Works Towards Newer Possibilities

Amazon Works Towards Newer Possibilties

Amazon Write On is a brilliant service for authors and readers. is one of the few companies across the globe that have such a diversified portfolio. It now wishes to expand its portfolio even further where it has launched their crowd writing application, known as ‘WriteOn’.

The company, through this endeavor, wishes to give a tough time to sites and apps, such as Wattpad. The market for crowd writing has massive room for growth and improvement; thus, Amazon seeks to avail the potential of this market and come up with such services that give relatively tough time to competitors who are already established in the market.

The company initially launches this service as private beta so that any errors or bugs encountered could be dealt with easily. It used its Kindle platform as a mediator to convey its message, where it stated that this new platform would act as a “community for readers and writers to come together around the creative process to produce good stories great and make great stories better.”

The app will possess several features that will assist writers to convey their message with convenience, as it will allow them to compose content in the form of stories or chapters, whatever suits the purpose. Then the content will be disseminated to the users who have similar likings and preferences.

This will act as a brilliant platform for all those who wish to polish their skills. Moreover, constructive feedback will be given by readers to writers, allowing them to learn from their mistakes, or comment on their likes or dislikes over the matter. Apart from this, readers will also be given a platform to talk and interact with the writer in order to get deeper insights over the matter in discussion.

The best part about this app is that it is free of cost, unlike other similar apps. Users and developers will be working together to promote content and penetrate among the masses without any cost. Lastly, there are no limitations or constraints. Whatever you post can be removed at any point of time giving freedom and ownership of the content to the writer.

The only thing that is required to join this platform is the love for literature, an urge to read, write, and popularize your content. The idea of such a platform is not extraordinary or completely out of the box, but it is different and engaging, which makes it such a big success among users.

Hence, Amazon stock and Amazon stock prices are likely to accelerate with the popularity of this medium among readers.



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