Amazon willing to bargain on a few items

Women have this innate tendency to bargain, this is not something they do on purpose but it actually makes them really happy to bargain. So in broader categories there are actually two types of people, the first ones are those who bargain and the other ones actually like to bargain. AMZN is now ready to cater to both sorts of people. This will be possible with AMZN’s new feature which will allow users to ‘Make an offer’ on certain products. This is their way to make negotiation on the Ecommerce business. This seems like a fairly great initiate as now people would be able to express what they expect from Amazon.

This feature for now would only be applicable to a limited category of products such as fine arts, sports memorabilia, entertainment collectibles and its coin. So now if you are interested in buying products belonging to this genre then all they need to do is quote the amount they seek to buy in and then send it to the seller. If they find it feasible then they would get back to you. This is similar to how eBay actually words. According to AMZN there are almost 150,000 products that need to have flexible pricing options but in 2015 this number is expected to rise.

The company believes that the reason behind this option is not to sell products at higher rates than original prices but the aim is to provide them with prices that suit their budget and are according to their expectations. The mechanism would be that those people who want to make their product negotiable can actually tell them that and then they’d get quotations and whatever suits them then their product will be sold to them. The method to propose, negotiate, express and counter the offers will be done through emails.

But the problem is that AMZN plans to cater their audience but is limiting itself to luxury items and not items of everyday use. So those who wish to negotiate over things they use every day then this might not just work for them. Currently the agenda on the company’s mind is a limited category of products but if they are considering a massive audience then this feature should be applicable on other products as well in the years to come.

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