Amazon will launch a free ad-supported video service

Amazon will launch a free ad-supported video service 1

Amazon is the benchmark for retail corporations. The company has been the best out there and has dominated the market for many years now. When compared to its peers and competitors, Amazon is way ahead of them as it provides best quality products in comparatively lower prices. Amazon Prime is proving to be the next big thing in a few months. As the technology is advancing day by day, the trend of 4K TV, 4K videos, and 4K streaming is getting popular.

Hence, when compared to its competitors, Amazon has planned to give free streaming service to its Amazon Prime members whereas Netflix will be charging around $8.99 for one month plan. Hence, this will leave the Netflix viewers in some confusion whether to stick with Netflix or switch to AMZN Prime.

Amazon will launch a free ad-supported video service 2

Being one of the best companies, Netflix is considered as the arch rival of Amazon. Therefore, in order to lure and tempt more viewers and customers towards its Amazon Prime membership, Amazon is set to launch a free, ad-supported video service separate from its $99 Prime Instant Video offering. says “Amazon (sort of) offers limited ad-supported streaming now, by letting non-Prime users watch a limited selection of Prime shows with commercial breaks. The launch of a larger ad-supported streaming service may mean that the current version successfully enticed Amazon customers to buy Prime.”

This move will guarantee other users to switch to this free Amazon service and eventually to Amazon Prime. Hence it might bring tough times for Netflix as Amazon has already surpassed the arch rivals in terms of subscription fees and 4K streaming subscription fees. Adding a free ad-supported video service will just make things easier for Amazon to carry its good business year forward to 2015.

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