Amazon Prime Members Can Now Access Washington Post For Free

New Prime members will now get to access articles published on The Washington Post for free for the next six months and later on a 60% discounted price.

On September 16, 2015, an announcement was made by Washington Post that for the next six months Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to access Washington Post stories and after those six months the subscribers will get good discounted rated for the subscription of the paper.

In 2013, Jeff Bozo the chief executive officer of bought the Post for $250 million through which their alliance started. Initially it had been connected with Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet but now the firm has decided to make it available on Amazon Prime as well. By making it available to the Prime users, it will increase the Post’s audience. The Post’s GM and President, Steve Hills stated that they will be able to reach an audience who has never before accessed The Post if they offer this service to new prime subscribers for free as it would allow the firm to connect with over a million users from all around the world.

At present, many such publishers have been doing so to increase their audience and views on the articles posted on their websites. For example, just today The Wall Street Journal gave access to Apple to publish and make it available for its users on Apple News. Facebook is soon planning to launch its Facebook Instant Articles on which Buzzfeed and The New York Times will ask to publish their content and finally Snapchat is also attracting a number of published on its Discover News platform.

Greg Geeley, the Vice President of Amazon Prime has stated that they are constantly working on ways to enhance their Prime user engagement and make prime more interesting for their members. At first the Prime users will be given free access to The Washington Post’s national edition, after the free subscription period, members will be charged on a monthly bases $3.99 for new members and for the regular members a 60% discounted price of $9.99. Over 25 to 40 million members will be able to avail this offer. The online shopping firm’s strategy has always been to grow the firm then to focus of revenue generation.

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal at present charge $455 and $348 respectively while The Washington Post will be charging $48 in which the subscribers will get a national digital edition. Along with this new service, the firm is also providing two-hour and one-hour delivers for $7.99 for Prime users. The latest city that it has launched its delivery service in is Los Angeles and is also available in Orange County. To stay a step ahead of the traffic that prevails in the city, the company has established four hubs for Prime Now. The delivery is available through the Prime Now App which can be found in iOS and Android and the service can be accessed for deliveries from 8am to midnight.

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