Amazon is the odd one out

Amazon has always kept on innovating in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction to its vast customer base all around the world. At first, the company main focus was to improve on its in-store and online stores deals, discounts, quality of products, and prices. Being the best out there, it is believed that the company is the odd one out when compared to other big names such as Google and EBay. Quartz believes that Amazon is a different and unique company in many ways.

As the boss of the company itself said that he has faced a loss of billions of dollars on experimenting yet it is named as one of the best names in the market, Amazon does not seem to care about profits. Another most unlike thing about the company is that it does not pamper its employees as other technology giant companies do. The company does not offer free lunches or other lavish perks like other companies.

Amazon is the odd one out

According to Business Insider’s journalist Henry Blodget, he says that Jeff Bezos offers employees a much more valuable perk: a well-located downtown office. The e-commerce giant’s gleaming campus is located in the heart of Seattle, unlike most other tech companies, which are headquartered in suburbia. The boss believes that being located and working in the urban campus is a spectacular benefit as it allows 15% of them to live in the same zip code as their office, and 20% to walk to work. On the contrary, Google and Facebook operate private buses to transport staff from San Francisco to Silicon Valley.

Even though there are limitations to a few things such as free lunches and other luxuries from the company’s side, Jeff Bezos believes that offering such things would stifle the thriving independent food scene that has emerged in the Seattle neighborhood where it is located. Apart from this, the company allows the Amazon staff to open their windows in order to cherish the fresh air environment. Moreover, Amazon staff is also allowed to bring their own dogs to work. That may be the ultimate office perk.

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