Amazon New Unlimited Cloud Storage Is Dirt Cheap

Amazon New Unlimited Cloud Storage Is Dirt Cheap

Company wants to sit up on grown ups table where Microsoft, Google and Dropbox reside with their cloud storage services.

Cloud storage options just expanded a notch with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) tipping the scales in its favor. It could not simply stand Microsoft with its OneDrive, Google with its Google Drive and Dropbox stealing all the thunder. And when we mean tip the scales in its favor, Amazon just pushed it way down.

The new cloud storage service is worth every dollar that you throw Amazon’s way. It is asking you to just shell out $59.99 per year and for that it will bring down a bottomless storage plan. Yes, that is correct, as it is giving away unlimited data space for all types of files. It provides a three-month trial for those not sure whether to go ahead with the service or not.

If you are a camera enthusiasts or someone who cherishes their memories a lot and would rather just require a storage that caters to photos only, then Amazon has another plan for you which is photo only and which will set you back only $11.99 per year. And don’t worry Amazon understands that you might need extra space and throws in an extra 5 GB for those little other files you might need to ship to the cloud. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you already have this on for free by default.

In terms of comparison with big giants, we think Amazon is offering a cheaper deal, at least on paper. Microsoft Corporation also brags an unlimited plan and that comes bundled with its Office 365 Personal plan. It contains unlimited storage on its OneDrive cloud platform but at an exorbitant cost of $70 per year. Amazon at least stands $10 cheaper than Microsoft. Plus the latter would certainly add a few restrictions of its own.

Google and Dropbox are also not providing you with candies. Dropbox brags a solid 1 TB storage option at an astounding cost of $99 per year. However, we can justify its cost with its integration with a lot of platforms and services. Google does not let you go beyond 1 TB of space and will only charge you $9.99 and no that is not the yearly rate but a monthly flat rate with no discount if you subscribe for the whole year.

Amazon does present some challenges in terms of syncing and requires some manual selection. However, it does present with an interesting indication that the future of cloud storage is bright with the declining cost of per-gigabyte space.

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