Amazon holiday sales already begun

Amazon’s holiday sales already begunAmazon is the largest retailing stores and it is one of the largest retail store chain operators in the country and the world respectively. Amazon knows how to keep its customers content with providing the best quality products at cheaper prices when compared to its peers and competitors such as Wal-Mart, EBay etc. Prior to the massive shopping holiday season that is Black Friday and Thanksgiving, Amazon starts its massive holiday sales a week before Black Friday. Hence, the online super retailer is sliding ahead of the competition when compared to EBay and Wal-Mart.

Amazon’s holiday sales already begun 2The company has planned to start its Black Friday sales a week before Black Friday actually starts. Therefore, “AMZN is beginning its deals for this year’s Thanksgiving shopping blowout earlier than ever, using its online platform to get ahead of competing retailers,” as the reports. The company earlier announced that it has planned to start offering deals from the 21st November before the Black Friday commences. The company will be adding new deals every ten minutes for continuous eight days to keep its sales going.

Amazon’s holiday sales already begun 3Some deals Amazon is already offering include up to 45% off on some Samsung TVs, as well as nearly 50 percent off on many popular books. The company officials say “Among Amazon’s advantages this holiday shopping season is that as an online retailer, it can avoid making customers uneasy by opening stores on Thanksgiving, a practice many brick-and-mortar stores have begun employing.” Hence it is believed that this will give Amazon a head start and a competitive edge over its peers and competitors. Mostly, the companies wait for the Cyber Monday which is popularly known as the digital deals day that takes place on the Monday following Black Friday.

A BGC Financial Analyst, Colin Gillis said “If you’re Amazon, you don’t want to just be batting in the second slot on Cyber Monday. There’s been some pushback as Black Friday pushes into Thanksgiving, disturbing the holiday period, so it’s a window of opportunity for Amazon.”

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