Alibaba is the biggest company in the world

Jack Ma is known as China’s richest man and the founder of the most popular Chinese company, Alibaba. Jack Ma believes that Alibaba is the biggest entertainment company in the world. He said that consumers are now looking for entertainment rather than buying online through that site. Alibaba started its business journey as an e-tailer. In the longer run, Jack Ma believes that because of the largest Chinese population, Alibaba will be a vital business market to invest on.


Currently, Jack Ma is residing in Southern California and is engaged in learning from Hollywood. His most important mission nowadays is to make the executives of entertainment industry understand that China will be the most important film market in the world because of its massive population’s growing middle class.


Jack Ma says, “The key difference between American and Chinese movies, chiefly, that in American movies the protagonist never looks like a hero at the start but turns into one by the end. In Chinese movies, on the other hand, I’ve never seen a hero who didn’t die.” Not only this, but Jack Ma is also interested in bringing American companies to China whether in collaboration or on solely purpose. In WSJ.D Live conference in Laguna Beach, he was asked if he is interested in acquiring or purchasing companies such as EBay. He replied “Would you sell it?… There are so many good things in the world. I want to buy Google, I want to buy Apple, but I can’t. Let them be good.”


Jack Ma is a sensible businessman and this trait is the reason of founding and operating which is probably the biggest company in the world, Alibaba.

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