Alberto Youssef accused Brazil President Regarding Petrobras Corruption Scandal

Alberto Youssef, who has already convicted on money laundering charges in the scandal, alleged Dilma Rousseff, of already having knowledge of the corruption.

Alberto Youssef accused Brazil President Regarding Petrobras Corruption Scandal

The recent development in Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras corruption scandal sees a witness accuse that the Brazilian President was well aware of the extensive corruption incident at the state run company.

Alberto Youssef, who has already been sentenced of money laundering charges has put allegation on current president of the country, Dilma Rouseff and Luiz Inacio da Silva –former president of Brazil, of already having knowledge about the corruption scheme.

On Monday, appearing to a congressional committee, Mr. Youssef was questioned about whether Ms. Rousseff and Mr. da Silva were aware regarding the bribery and corruption scheme. “It is my understanding that (they) knew everything,” answered Mr. Youssef.

Ms. Rousseff, who was the chairman of the company, when the accusation of criminal activities were taking place, has clearly deprived of any knowledge or ill-doing related to the multibillion dollar corruption outrage. In spite of maintaining a defensive and strong stance, Ms. Rousseff has witnessed calls for her accusation across the country, as millions of people and citizen of Brazil came out on the streets to record their protests at the start of this year.

The Attorney exposed the biggest corruption at the oil and gas company for the very first time when they were interrogating potentially unlawful actions surrounding Mr. Youssef, which made him the keen character in the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Petrobras.

Mr. Youssef has also accused Toshiba Corps business unit in Brazil of its participation in bribery. Toshiba’s Brazilian unit made illegal payments to get public contracts of the Brazilian giant, Mr. Youssef claims.

The corruption outrage got media’s mainstream attention in March the previous year, when federal attorney has accused former executives of Petrobras of conspiring with number of construction companies to inflate the price of company’s contract.

Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras has been mainly seen as a prey in the whole corruption incident, but its officials have not been spared form the inspection. More than 100 executives from construction companies and Petrobras have been occupied in the outrage, which has blemished the fortune of Oil Companies.

The Corruption disgrace, which has forced the company to record the impairment loss of more than $2 billion earlier last month, has protracted ass the interrogation reaches its fifteen month. Federal prosecutor have hit plea bargains to get testimonies from the people who were involved in the scandal.

Petrobras stock was up 1.35% to $9.76 at market close on Tuesday May 12 and increased further by 0.31% to $9.79 during after hour trading session on Wednesday as of 7:57 PM EDT.


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