2014 Second Quarter For Intel Corporation Is A Beneficial Quarter

“Our second-quarter results showed the strength of our strategy to extend the reach of Intel technology from the data center to PCs to the Internet of Things,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Intel Corporation has earned $13.8 billion revenue this year in the second quarter, the total operating and net income earned by Intel Corporation this year was $3.8 billion and $2.8 billion, with earnings per share of $0.55. Earn cash from operation, the company has generated approximately $5.5 billion. In the second quarter the dividend declared by the company was $1.1 billion and in repurchasing stock program company had used $2.1 billion for 74 million shares of common stocks. In the fourth quarter in the repurchase agreement the Board of Director has authorized an increment of $20 billion of its share repurchase program. The Intel Corporation is expected to repurchase $4 billion of common tocks isn the fourth quarter of 2014.


“This change in our capital structure is the continuation of a multi-year focus on creating value and returning cash to our shareholders, and reinforces our confidence in the business,” said Stacy J. Smith, Intel CFO and executive vice president.

Today the stock market is showing that $34.15 is the recorded price for the Interl Corporation shares, with the price change of $-0.11 or -0.32 percent. The previously closed price and the price change recorded is $34.26 and $0.12 or 0.35 percent. The recorded Day’s high price for Intel Corporation is $34.36 and the lowest is $33.63. The opening price recorded by the stock market is $34.26, with the market cap of $169.03B, with the P/E ratio of 16.55. On the past 52 week evaluation, the highest price declared by the stock market for the Intel corporation was $35.56 and the lowest value is $22.48. The declared dividend with the earnings per share of 2.07 is 0.23%.intel1

The key business unit trends this year in the Second Quarter has highlighted, Revenue generated by the PC Client Group is $8.7 billion, with an increment of 9 percent and 6 percent year over year. The Data Center Group earned $3.5 billion, when compared to the prior year same quarter it was increased by 14 percent and year over year the recorded increment was 19 percent. $51 million revenue was recorded for the Mobile and Communication Group with the decrement of 67 percent and 83 percent sequentially and year over year.


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